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Who We Are

DotBig is a multifaceted agency specializing in solving complex problems in the field of business process management. The main areas of activity include managing the company's reputation on the Internet, legal support of business and consulting on corporate law, as well as optimization of supply chains and logistics.

In the era of digitalization of lifestyle and business, online reputation management is becoming not just an important aspect, but also an integral part of the successful development of any company. DotBig offers a comprehensive approach to building and maintaining a positive image of its customers online, using advanced technologies and techniques in the field of digital marketing and PR. Legal support of business and consulting on corporate law is another key area of activity DotBig.

In the context of constantly changing legislation and increasing legal uncertainty, the presence of a reliable partner who is able to provide qualified legal support is the key to stability and business development. A team of highly qualified lawyers DotBig offers its clients a range of services aimed at minimizing risks and optimizing the company's legal work. Optimisation of supply chains and logistics is equally important in the list of services DotBig.

In today's world, where the speed and efficiency of deliveries directly affect the competitiveness and profitability of the business, the company's specialists offer innovative solutions to optimize logistics processes. The development of individual strategies, the implementation of modern IT solutions and continuous performance analysis - all this allows DotBig to achieve high results in logistics and supply chain management. Thus, DotBig is a reliable partner for businesses in solving a wide range of tasks related to reputation management, legal support and optimization of logistics processes.

Combining in-depth knowledge in each of the areas of activity with an individual approach to the client, the company provides comprehensive and high-quality services aimed at achieving specific business goals and strengthening its position in the market.